Company History

  1. Company product development history for military applications


  • March 2001 development and delivery of Allison transmission torque converter hydraulic pump.

  • September 2001 development of M113 transfer gear box gears

  • May 2002 development and manufacture of Detroit Diesel engine flywheel.

  • June 2002 Development of Detroit Diesel 6V53 Crankshaft.

  • August 2002 Development and delivery of Deutz FL 912 series crankshafts and air cooling turbine.

  • January 2003 development of Detroit Diesel 6V53 engine flywheel housing for delivery to NAMSA and Turkish Land Forces.

  • February 2003 development of APC M113 Transfer gearbox housing and components for complete assembly supply.

  • May 2003 development of Deutz and Cummins engines oil coolers.

  • July 2003 development of Detroit diesel 6V53 Engine Cal. liners.

  • September 2003, development and supply APC M113 series Final Drive parts.

  • January 2004, development for coupling system for Voith retarders.

  • May 2004, Development of Allison CD 850 transmission crown wheel and pinion set.

  • July 2004 Development of Continental AVDS1790-2DR engine and CD 850 transmission oil coolers. (Project successfully accomplished end December 2004)

  • August 2004 development of steering and pedal control systems for FIRTINA (155mm Self Propelled Howitzer) project. (Delivery effected successfully in December 2004)

  • April 2006 Contract with Turkish Ground Forces for procurement of 20000 pieces M113 APC track shoes in Forged Steel 4140H grade.

  • 45000 track shoe body type T130E has been supplied to Turkish army forces for M113 series applications between 2006 and 2007

  • 50000 track shoe body has been contracted with Turkish Army Forces for T130 E1 type used in M113 series

  • 2007 Several Contracts has been awarded from Pakistan Heavy Industries Taxila to supply spare parts for M113 vehicles.

  • 2008 ,490 pieces of Final drives for M113 series vehicles has been manufactured and supplied to Tank Armament Command Factory in U.S.A trough our Canadian and USA representative.

  • 2008 New contracts has been obtained for M113 parts supply to H.I.T Pakistan.

  • 2009 a total of 400 pieces of suspension torsion bars for M88 series vehicles has been contracted for Tank Armament Factory USA trough our agents in USA and Canada.

  • 2009 Supply of ammunition racks for Turkish Tank Armament facilities in Adapazarı for Fırtına Howitzer Project.

  • 2010 Development of electronic department to supply M60A3 series rectifier and electric Control Box.

  • 2011 Development and supply Electronic Control Box and Rectifier unit for Leopard 2 Main Battle tank.

  • 2011 Development and delivery of Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank Track Tension system.

  • 2012 Development and delivery for M60A3 Main Battle Tank electronic DBU system for Turret.

  • 2012 Development and delivery of 74 units for M110 series Howitzer's turret azimuth control system.

  • 2012 Manufacture and supply of over 1000 units of ignition coils for M60A3 Main Battle Tank. 

  • 2013 Development of suspension Torsion Bars Tube and Torsion bars for YPR765.

  • 2014 Development of Leopard 2 Transmission oil pumps left and right modules.

  • 2015 Development of Leopard 2 Aluminum road wheels

  • 2015 Development of Air comditioning units for M113, ACV DHABIAN vehicles.. 

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